our dates & fees

Mon - Fri 

Morning session    09.00 - 12.00 (Flexible drop off 09.00-09.15)

Afternoon session  1.00 - 4.00


All day session      09.00 - 4.00


Breakfast club      08.00 - 09.00

Lunch club           12.00 - 1.00 


Children who attend a morning or afternoon session are welcome to stay/arrive for lunch club. This is an additional charge unless covered by your Early Years Childcare funding.


To make our allocations fair to parents we ask that 1 of every 3 sessions is an afternoon. If you require fewer than 3 sessions please contact us and we can discuss our available  sessions with you.

Session times

Term dates



Summer Term

Monday 17 April - Wednesday 19th July 2023




Autumn Term

Tuesday 5th September - Thursday 14th December

Half term (preschool closed) Mon 23rd October - Fri 27th October


Spring Term

Monday 8th Jan - Wedsnesday 27th March

Half term (preschool closed) Mon 12th Feb - Fri 16th Feb


Summer Term

Monday 15th April - Thursday 18th July

Half term (preschool closed) Mon 27th May - Fri 31st May



We accept early years funding for up to 30 hours. We also accept childcare vouchers and you can use your tax free childcare accounts with us. Please look at childcarechoices.gov.uk to find out what help you may be eligible for in paying for your childcare costs.

Fees & Funding



2 year olds

£45.50 per Full Day session (9-4)

£19.50 per 3hr session (9-12 or 1-4)

£6.50 for Breakfast Club

£6.50 for Lunch Club


3/4 year olds

£42 per Full Day session (9-4)

£18 per 3hr session (9-12 or 1-4)

£6.00 for Breakfast Club

£6.00 for Lunch Club


Consumables Fee

£2 per child per day

(This helps us cover the cost of everyday essentials such as snack time food, paper towels, handwash, paint and paper)